Saturday, November 26, 2011

15K Today! 9.3

In case you were wondering, I am alive :) I did a 15K run this morning. I am not even sure as to why, I just felt really good. I have been doing most of my exercising as of late on the stationary bike, the elliptical, or the treadmill walking on the incline so running outdoors was going to be more of a challenge than usual. That being said, I have not missed a day of some form of cardio exercise for at least a half hour in two and a half years so it could be done.

I must admit, the hills were a challenge. That being said, I did do 9.3 miles in about an hour and 19 minutes. This is sub 9:00 minute miles.

I am still on track to run a half marathon in late April. I can't wait!

Here was my run, similar to the one in May:

Head north on Stillmeadow Ln
0.01miContinue onto Kearney St
0.62miContinue onto Mattie St
1.02miTurn right onto Elizabeth St
1.04miHead east on Elizabeth St toward Osborne St
1.06miSlight right onto Osborne St
1.12miTurn left onto Lake Ave
1.23miTurn right onto Owasco St
1.42miTurn left onto Havens Ave
1.56miHead east on Havens Ave toward S Seward Ave
1.62miTurn left onto S Seward Ave
1.91miTurn right onto Walnut St
1.98miHead east on Walnut St toward S Hoopes Ave
2.06miTurn left onto S Herman Ave
2.32miHead north on N Herman Ave toward Ross St
2.4miContinue straight onto Ross St
2.49miTurn right onto N Hoopes Ave
2.81miTurn right onto Franklin St
2.82miHead northeast on Franklin St toward N Herman Ave
3.21miTurn left onto Prospect St
3.25miHead north on Prospect St toward Brister Ave
3.89miTurn right to stay on Prospect St
4.11miTurn left onto NY-5 W/Grant Ave
4.13miHead southwest on NY-5 W/Grant Ave toward Brookside Dr
4.7miTurn right onto McIntosh Dr
5.05miTurn left onto Murray St
5.06miHead south on Murray St toward Norris Ave
5.24miTurn right onto Standart Ave
5.5miHead west on Standart Ave toward Rochester St
5.6miTurn left onto Peacock St
5.78miHead south on Peacock St toward Park Ave
5.82miTurn right onto Park Ave
6.05miTurn left onto North St
6.07miHead south on North St toward Lansing St
6.17miTurn left onto Lansing St
6.22miHead west on Lansing St toward North St
6.28miTurn left onto North St
6.48miTurn right onto Seymour St
6.73miTurn left onto State St
6.76miHead south on State St toward Van Anden St
7.01miTurn left onto Arterial W
7.19miHead east on Arterial W toward North St
7.2miTurn right onto North St
7.38miContinue onto South St
7.66miHead south on South St toward Logan St
8.13miHead south on South St toward Chapman Ave
8.45miTurn left onto Metcalf Dr/White Friars Dr
8.45miHead east on Metcalf Dr/White Friars Dr toward Mary St
8.86miHead east on Metcalf Dr/White Friars Dr toward Kearney St
8.91miTurn right onto Kearney St

Sunday, May 22, 2011

9.25 Mile (15K) Sunday Run! Happy Fativersary!

Wow! I felt really good this morning. Really strong. The conditions were perfect and my legs felt good. Overcast, seventy degrees, breezy Sunday morning. So I ran. I mapped it out (see below) and it was 9 and a quarter miles. It took me about 1 hour and 18 minutes or a 8:35 or so pace. Leisurely but still would beat my Mountain Goat time last year. I basically ran a 15K! I feel really good because although Tuesday marks the two-year anniversary of my quest to stop being obese I have not gone out that long since last May.

I usually either go on the treadmill or elliptical for 40+ minutes each day or run 4 or 5 miles. Not over 9! And the winter and spring weather has been so awful that I did not even get outside nearly as much as last year. Today though, I just felt good. I even had a sprint to the finish. Gas left in the tank and all. I guess I am going to be looking for a half-marathon as my summer goal.

Happy Fativersary! It is the two-year anniversary of my exercising every day. I still have not missed a day and although not at my low weight I am still 50 pounds lighter than my high weight of May 24, 2009. Here's to setting goals and sticking with them.

My route:

Head north on Stillmeadow Ln
0.01miContinue onto Kearney St
0.62miContinue onto Mattie St
1.02miTurn right onto Elizabeth St
1.04miHead east on Elizabeth St toward Osborne St
1.06miSlight right onto Osborne St
1.12miTurn left onto Lake Ave
1.23miTurn right onto Owasco St
1.42miTurn left onto Havens Ave
1.56miHead east on Havens Ave toward S Seward Ave
1.62miTurn left onto S Seward Ave
1.91miTurn right onto Walnut St
1.98miHead east on Walnut St toward S Hoopes Ave
2.06miTurn left onto S Herman Ave
2.32miHead north on N Herman Ave toward Ross St
2.4miContinue straight onto Ross St
2.49miTurn right onto N Hoopes Ave
2.81miTurn right onto Franklin St
2.82miHead northeast on Franklin St toward N Herman Ave
3.21miTurn left onto Prospect St
3.25miHead north on Prospect St toward Brister Ave
3.89miTurn right to stay on Prospect St
4.11miTurn left onto NY-5 W/Grant Ave
4.13miHead southwest on NY-5 W/Grant Ave toward Brookside Dr
4.7miTurn right onto McIntosh Dr
5.05miTurn left onto Murray St
5.06miHead south on Murray St toward Norris Ave
5.24miTurn right onto Standart Ave
5.5miHead west on Standart Ave toward Rochester St
5.6miTurn left onto Peacock St
5.78miHead south on Peacock St toward Park Ave
5.82miTurn right onto Park Ave
6.05miTurn left onto North St
6.07miHead south on North St toward Lansing St
6.17miTurn left onto Lansing St
6.22miHead west on Lansing St toward North St
6.28miTurn left onto North St
6.48miTurn right onto Seymour St
6.73miTurn left onto State St
6.76miHead south on State St toward Van Anden St
7.01miTurn left onto Arterial W
7.19miHead east on Arterial W toward North St
7.2miTurn right onto North St
7.38miContinue onto South St
7.66miHead south on South St toward Logan St
8.13miHead south on South St toward Chapman Ave
8.45miTurn left onto Metcalf Dr/White Friars Dr
8.45miHead east on Metcalf Dr/White Friars Dr toward Mary St
8.86miHead east on Metcalf Dr/White Friars Dr toward Kearney St
8.91miTurn right onto Kearney St

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exercise Update

I posted this on my main, Off The Kufs blog earlier in the week. Here is my exercise update:

I just felt compelled to give you an update as to my exercise streak.

It has not been broken.

I have not missed a day of cardiovascular exercise since May 24, 2009.

On the birth of my beautiful son we were up all night long and he was born at 12:08 PM that day. Without sleep for nearly 42 hours I went home to gather some stuff the night he was born and of course put 40 minutes in on the treadmill.

The hard part is not being able to run outdoors. It has been an awful winter in central NY. I had three days the week after Christmas and 1 day in January clear and over 32 degrees. I can't go below freezing. So I sometimes run the boring, 19 laps around=1 mile track @ the YMCA or the stationary bike there. Most of the time I crank up the incline and walk the treadmill in my living room.


Until then I struggle.

But I do not miss a day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still Plugging Along

Well in case you were wondering the streak continues. I have not missed a day of running/biking/etc. in well over a year. With the baby coming in two weeks I still do not see that changing.

I have had some hip/groin pain frequenting my right side. It is making running uncomfortable and some days the recumbent bike is the only option.

That said, I am still determined to never miss another day of exercise.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

21:54 in the Auburn Great Race!

Well I finally ran in the event of my hometown, The Great Race. It was the 33rd Annual and after years of my teenage years hanging out and causing problems with my peers I actually was there for the reason that one is supposed to be-to compete.

This event is a team triathlon and the biggest in the country of its kind. One runner, one biker, and then either Kayak solo/team or canoe teams. It is a relay. I obviously ran.

I did not sleep well the night before and got a late start because I could not find my team to get the computer chip and number. By the time I got to the start line it was about 4 minutes before race time!

I lined up with the crowd next to a former student of mine who is running in college this fall. He is fast and I needed to not stay with him, which I did not. My pace was still way too fast though. I felt like puking right from the start of the race! At the 1st mile, 6:20! Too fast, obviously. I did not have one single moment of comfort in this race.

A guy that I work with who is fast and experienced passed me at about the 1 and 1/4 mile mark and said "Jason, you came out too fast" and snickered and he was right. I was wobbling for a little there.

At the 2nd mile marker no time was given so I yelled out to other runners and a guy said 13:50, geez-I slowed down to a freaking 7:30 second mile! That sucked.

I knew I needed to push the last 1.1 miles, and it was wind in my face for the entire straightaway. Plus-no one was really around me, somehow. 400+ 5k runners and I am alone?

I pushed and pushed and did about a 7:10 last mile and gutted the last tenth to finish at 21:54.

That is a personal best by 4 seconds. Man, I guess I am consistent-my last three races were somehow all within 5 seconds!!! Crazy!

I then had to keep running to #473 biker to hand off the wristband, a cruel post-finish line ritual. I am not sure how my team finished but I ran 7:04 minute miles over the 3.1 and finished 101 out of 440 or something. I am pleased but there must be room to improve even more. The fast start was stupid as was the lack of sleep. Mind you, I run 30 miles a week and this was a shorter run than I ever do so I need to break through the plateau.

That said, it sure was nice to be a part of Auburn's finest hour- The Great Race-and as a participant and not a oblivious spectator.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

21:58 Fillmore 5K (3.1 Miles)

Well, somehow I had the exact same time to the second as my last 5k two weeks ago- 21:58. I finished 26th of 130 runners. 3rd in the 31-40 age group.

It makes me happy, however, because it was much more humid and ended with a steep uphill. Plus-I was not feeling it and gutted it out. It was just last year that I did the same course at 26:47 so I have made substantial progress.

I came out fast and ran:
Mile 1- 6:30
Mile 2- 7:17
Mile 3- 7:26
plus the last tenth in 45 seconds.

Around 7:05 minute miles, I will take it.

Hopefully the Great Race is less humidity and my legs feel better.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seneca River Run 5K- a New Personal Best Time!

So yesterday morning I ran in another race, the 5K Seneca River Days "River Run" in Baldwinsville, New York. It was finally cooler and I felt good after my warmup.

I went out fast with the first group and kept with them for a bit. There were about 100 runners and there were about 10 or so ahead of me. The entire race I was never passed once and I felt like I maintained the same pace. There were no mile markers and I forgot my stopwatch so I really had no clue as to timing or anything.

I almost got lost turning the wrong way twice which lost me a few seconds.

I still beat my old personal best by almost a minute!


Just over 7 minute mile pace for 3.1!!!

I think I finished around 12th or 13th overall!

I am so happy with the progress. It was about a year ago in Moravia that I did 27:30 and I was SO HAPPY with that time! Man, this is getting crazy!

Every day out there is paying off. Even more exciting I am having fun doing it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mountain Goat Hell

Well I ran the "Mountain Goat Run" yesterday morning in Syracuse, NY. In retrospect, it was a major mistake. Other than the fact that I got a pretty nice T-Shirt and felt kind of cool beforehand, it was a mistake. Here are 10 reasons as to why:

1. It is a 10, yes 10 mile race. That is 16K or so. That is about 2 miles longer than I have ever run in my life. Granted I do cardio every day, this is not something I am prepared for.

2. It is the hilliest course I have ever run. There is an uphill on Colvin Ave. that does not seem bad at a glance but NEVER ends. It killed me. The worst 2 hills ever.

3. I went to New York City on a bus Friday morning through Saturday night. I slept 4 hours Friday night.

4. I did not take the pre-race day off. As a matter of fact, I beat my legs on the recumbent bike for an hour and then walked the streets of Manhattan all day.

5. I ate more poorly in the last few days then I have since I started losing weight/exercising. Alfredo's best Fetticini Alfredo in the world from 49th Street, a HUGE shredded beef burrito from Chipotle's (best ever), tons of Pretzel M&M's (new) and all sorts of other junk including onion rings, root beer floats, french fries and on and on. Not great in your stomach before your longest race ever.

6. It was 84 degrees and wicked humid. People were dropping all over the course.

7. Did I mention the hills? The downhill sucked as much as the uphill did, by the way. What a nightmare course. Perhaps I should have done a training run beforehand like the other participants to see the course. Perhaps I should have stretched a run beyond 6 miles which I hadn't since last summer.

8. I had nowhere to put my keys so I carried them in my hand the entire run! Disaster right there.

9. I did not drink nearly enough water in NYC like I typically do each day.

10. My right arch has been killing me. Not a time for a run of that length. I have only run for cardio once in the past 7 days prior too. Not a good training move. I either walked the incline on the treadmill or rode the bike. Stupid!

Mile 0-1: Flying with my friend Mark (he ran 10 miles in 70 minutes last year-he is a warrior.) Kept with him until a half mile when he looked and said we were running a 6:20 mile pace. That is ABSURD! Finished mile 1 @ 6:50. SO DUMB-terribly fast.

Mile 1-2: Darn it, I am not feeling good already-I looked at my stopwatch at 11:40 and thought that it seemed long. It was all of the food in my tummy. 7:50 mile and 14:40- back on pace (sort of-still fast).

Mile 2-3: People are passing me still, you know you came out too fast when people are passing you in substantial numbers. Finished 8:00 and 22:40 after three-heck, I would be running a killer 5K and this is with some pacing in this heat. I should be sticking to those!

Mile 3-4: I am in hell now. Or on the way there. It is soooooo long between miles now. I guess it is mental because I run 5 milers 5 times a week on average. 8:30 (hill) and 31:10 after 4.

Mile 4-5: This is officially a disaster. I just keep slowing down because of the above factor list and the fast start. I basically screwed myself here. Crappy mile of pacing around 8:50 or so. I am at 40 minutes and angry.

Mile 5-6: I have to tell you- there is a hill here that was constructed by the devil. This was a mountain and must be a name for the title of the race. I crept up it because it was a disaster. It still took me freaking way to long and I ran an 10 minute mile or so-now I am 50 after 6.

Mile 6-7: A second wind of sorts. I ditched the stopwatch from one hand in the grass. It was a burden. Carrying the keys for 10 miles in my palm was horrible enough. I finished this one in 7:50! I was feeling a little better. 57:50 after seven. 3 miles left-I have a real shot here to break 1:20-1:25 which is all that I wanted.

Mile 7-8: I was running pretty well considering the hills and I finished at 8 or so minutes and 1:05 after 8.

Mile 8-9: DISASTER! I HIT A WALL and GOT A CRAMP at once under my right rib cage. I basically could not longer run. I never thought I would reach this point in a race. I had reached my limit. I rationalized and told myself that it was fine. I was a little delirious. I watched two people collapse and it looked good to me. Seriously. I almost just went to the EMT and said "call my wife" because I had it. Finally I made the horrible runner decision to walk. There was no other choice. It was over. I was willing to walk to the end. I was having trouble even walking at this point. I did this walking mile in 16 minutes and was now at 1:21! I was done. What a mess.

Mile 9-10: I considered quitting and turning and finding someone to call Joanna and go to my car and home but I was embarrassed. I was walking and I saw a cop who said "just one more mile" and I was like "nope-I am done and fine with it". Then I finally decided that I could run slowly and I did. I ran (jogged) to the finish weak and ill. I finished like 1:32:20 (782 of over 2000 runners-not too bad) or something and was apparently white as a ghost. I staggered to a table and drank 15 dixie cups of water and Powerade and was angry and ill for twenty minutes. What a crappy time and experience.

Oh well, every race that I run this summer (and forever) will be better. I will be rested, more prepared, and it will be shorter. I am actually looking forward to 6.2 mile 10K's! They seem easy and I could shoot for under 50:00-48:00. Anything will be better than Mountain Goat hell.

I went from 6:50 miles to 8 minute mile pace to finish in 9:15 mile pace because of the darn walking mile 8-9! I guess there is only up from here!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

6 Straight Days With 5 Miles a Day!

I feel like an animal let out of a cage. This early summer (that is sure not to last) in Central New York has provided me an escape from the recumbent bike, YMCA track, and treadmill and given me more scenic routes. All in all, 6 days in a row I have run a different 5 mile route.

My times have fluctuated greatly as well from 36 minutes to over 39! I guess the terrain, incline, wind, and my legs are big factors. Running 7:20-7:40 miles over 5 miles 5 straight days is a great accomplishment.

I am eating too much and obsessed with Junior Mints my days of losing more weight are over. Plus I am lifting weights as well and if muscle really does weigh more than fat that is a factor as well. So I am 70 or so pounds down from last year and in maintenance mode. Itching to run a 10K!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just An Update-Still Going Strong

I am still going and going strong. I have had nagging injuries to my knee, leg, foot, etc. but they have not stopped me from getting in my hour each and every day.

The weather has been nicer so I have mapped out a few 5 and 6 mile runs. This is much better than 95 or 114 times around the track around the gym at the YMCA-that gets monotonous!

For 5 or 6 miles I am maintaining 7:30-7:45 minute miles. I know I probably could do more with a partner or pushed. I am getting ready to take my show on the road-to a race hopefully soon. It is exciting to run 6 miles in just over what my first 4 mile run was last summer.

Still I have not missed a day. I also have the incline all the way up-no holding on- 4 MPH walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes which burns exactly 1120 calories once or maybe twice a week. And I have the recumbent bike once or twice a week too as a running alternative on the max to burn what says 800 calories (some bikes differ and to be honest I sweat like more than that) in 60 minutes.

I eat like I used to minus the 3 slices of pizza at a time and mozz sticks 2x a week! No weight gain at all. Keeping it off which is as hard as losing it was!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Am Getting Faster...

My speed is increasing, I can't wait to try a 5K. I also can't wait to run outside. The track at the YMCA is boring and people get into my way. 95 laps=5 miles and I did it in 38 minutes the other day. Considering the variables of people and turning and whatnot that is pretty exciting.

This morning I ran with one of the X Country stars from my high school. I cramped up after 57 laps (3 miles) and I am sure it was because I was running too hard (he is a machine) and perhaps on an empty stomach or something. We did those 3 (pacing for 5 though) on that track in 21:30 or so. That means I might be able to run a fast 5K at some point soon health permitting. A far cry from my 11 minute miles of 8 months ago!

Remember- plenty of water, no excuses- cardio every day. Every single day. No 30 minute deals either!

Friday, January 15, 2010

1500 Calories on the Recumbant Bike at the Max!

Still doing my hour a day, eating a ton, and maintaining weight.

It is busy but exciting.

I rode the recumbent bike on day at the max for an hour. It was like 28 miles and it said I burned 1500 calories at the 56 minute mark and reset! It was crazy, I put it on the 20 of 20 setting and pedalled full throtle for the entire time!

Since then the knee has been killing me while running again. So I am running only a few days a week and walking on the incline more than I would like to. No more physical therapy (still have the problem) but I have my own exercises. Here is what I have:

Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Description:Pain on the outside of your knee (not usually accompanied by swelling or locking). The pain may be sporadic and disappear with rest, only to reoccur suddenly, often at the same point in a run. Depending on the individual, this could happen at four miles, two miles or just 200 yards. The pain often goes away almost immediately after you stop running.
Likely causes:This is an overuse injury. The iliotibial band is a band of tissue that begins at the outside of the pelvis and extends to the outside part of the knee. The band helps stabilize the knee. If it becomes too short, the band rubs too tightly on the bone of your leg and becomes irritated. The tightness is usually the result of too much strain from overtraining.
Remedy:Patience. This one takes a while. Give yourself plenty of rest, reduce your miles and ice frequently. You can keep running, but cut your run short as soon as you begin to feel any pain. Cut way back on hill work, and be sure to run on even surfaces. Look into some deep friction massage with a physical therapist.
Try some leg-raise exercises to strengthen your hips and be conscientious about the iliotibial band stretch. You might supplement that stretch with this one, doing it gently but often:
To stretch the IT band of your right leg, stand with your left side facing the wall. Cross your right leg behind your left, while putting your left hand against the wall. Put your weight on the right leg and lean against the wall by pushing your right hip away from the wall. Be sure that your right foot is parallel to the wall during the stretch. You should be able to feel the stretch in your hip and down the IT band (in this case, along the right side of your right leg). Hold for five seconds and do this ten times. For the left leg, do as above, but stand with your right side facing the wall, and put your left leg behind your right.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eating a Ton But Still Exercising

I am eating a ton of food. December is bad news. Cookies and treats everywhere. Christmas parties at every turn. Family gathered with cheeses and crackers. And I am weak with food. Weaker than ever. I have been tracking my exercise and weight each morning and I am no longer losing much weight if any. Maybe a half a pound to a pound a week. I am not gaining either. Why?

Because I am still not missing a single day of exercise. Through my busy basketball schedule which makes it a task I am keeping up. I run 4 times a week for 5 miles. I do the bike/treadmill for 60 minutes on the other 3 days. Good times, most of the time. I miss the outdoor running. The track around the top of the gym at the YMCA and around the hallways of my school after school is annoying but it gets the job done. I cannot wait for the temperature to break fifty again!

Merry Christmas and if you want a New Year's resolution of losing weight and keeping it off- contact me at I am not kidding, I have some thoughts and answers and would love to help.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

6 Months Done and 70 Pounds Lighter

I am now approximately 170 pounds. Give or take a few in either direction. I am two days from the 6 month milestone and I never want to be chubby again. I ate a big sandwich and a ton of french fries last night and homemade macaroni and cheese today. With little guilt! How exciting.

I also ran 5 miles this morning in 39:40!!!

That is under 8:00 miles for 5 miles. Wow, that is better than my 4 miler this summer!!! Crazy, I cannot wait to run in a 10K sometime soon. The knee pain is minimal as well. Exciting times!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy But Finding a Way

I am wicked busy and I have to take exercise day by day. Basically I am not going to miss a day with at least one hour of cardio. With work and practice for coaching basketball and commutes and other obligations I take it as it comes.

My tailbone is still sore so very little biking. My knee and IT Band still hurt so running is sporadic and somewhat limited to 5 times a week and only 3-6 miles at a time. I fill the gaps with the treadmill on the incline or brisk outdoor walking. All adds up to an hour at least a day. Every day. That is the key. Oh, and the treadmill at the local YMCA. Mine has a broken motor. I bought the warranty. The parts are in the mail. Have been for over two weeks. I call every day. They can't even give me tracking information! What a joke.

What is exciting is that I eat basically what I want. That is fun. And I weigh around 170-175 depending on the time of day and other factors. Started on May 24th at over 240 so it is pretty exciting. I never want to live like that again.

Anytime anyone wants to get serious about weight loss- send me a note. I would be happy to help!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still Plugging Along

Well, physical therapy on my knee is going okay. They are nice and have me strengthen my hamstring and calf muscles to take the pressure off of the knee but I am not seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I can run for about 1-2 miles and then the pain starts. First on the cap and then if I keep going up the IT band on my thigh. Ugh.

I really cannot imagine ever running without injury again but we'll see. On a better note I am still putting in at least sixty minutes of cardio every day. I am losing about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a week now I think. I am around 175 or so. I am also trying to build my weak muscles.

Thursday I get that cyst removed so Friday/Saturday/Sunday exercise and beyond looks iffy. I will do what I can though. The battle continues...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Ran 24:31 in a 5K Today!!!

Tons of injuries throughout my leg during the race- including whatever demon plagues my knee- is sending me to physical therapy starting Tuesday. Oh, and a pilondial cyst that I will be getting surgery on in October is fun too. But man, I still ran 24:31 in a 5K today!!!

Look below- I bolded and put my result in a bigger font. My wife, brother-in-law, and the priest that married us are also bolded. This is just the top 20 of the 76 competitors. A 2: 18 improvement from my July race on a throbbing knee and I have barely been running. I did watch a Tim Tebow special the night before and I was super pumped all. All my hard work! Look at my June times, around 10-11 minute miles and now a 5k in 7:53 miles!!! Crazy!


Camillus, NY September 19, 2009
Results By Leone Timing & Results Services

1 Tim Murphy M# 1 18:25 5:56 18:25 5:56 Liverpool NY
2 Terrence Doyle M# 2 18:43 6:02 18:43 6:02 Syracuse NY
3 Rob Shostack M# 3 18:47 6:03 18:47 6:03 Camillus NY
4 Chris Hahn M# 4 20:18 6:32 20:17 6:32 Syracuse NY
5 Annette Barry F# 1 20:25 6:35 20:24 6:34 Camillus NY
6 John Everts M# 5 22:16 7:10 22:14 7:10 Syracuse NY
7 Bill Lichtinger M# 6 22:23 7:12 22:20 7:12 Liverpool NY
8 Amudhan Viswanathan 33 M# 7 22:33 7:16 22:32 7:15 Camillus NY
9 Rick Francisco M# 8 23:53 7:42 23:41 7:38 Camillus NY
10 Michael Ferrari M# 9 24:13 7:48 24:05 7:46 Camillus NY
11 Cody Collins M# 10 24:15 7:49 24:15 7:49 Camillus NY
12 Joey Francisco M# 11 24:15 7:49 24:15 7:49 Camillus NY
13 Brian Smith M# 12 24:23 7:51 24:18 7:50 Syracuse NY
14 Jim Simko M# 13 24:29 7:53 24:26 7:52 Camillus NY
15 Jason Kufs M# 14 24:31 7:54 24:30 7:53 Auburn NY
16 Joanna Kufs F# 2 24:53 8:01 24:52 8:01 Auburn NY
17 Vincent Murphy M# 15 24:54 8:01 24:50 8:00 Camillus NY
18 Michael DeFio M# 16 25:06 8:05 25:05 8:05 Camillus NY
19 Jeffrey Hager M# 17 25:14 8:08 25:13 8:07 Memphis NY
20 Fr. Michael Galuppi M# 18 25:28 8:12 25:17 8:09 Camillus NY

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Hour a Day, EVERY DAY.

I have still not missed a day of something. I have had some horrible food days at the NY State Fair and the buffet at Fingerlakes Race Track, for example. But I have not missed on single day of exercise. My left knee hurts so badly on the outside when I run that I have not been able to do it much, although I had some 6-8 milers in the last few weeks. I have been either riding the stationary bike for 60 minutes at 10-14 resistance or walking at 4-4.5 on an incline of 2-10 on the treadmill for 60 minutes.

Every day.

The bike says it burns about 700 or so calories but I believe it might be more.

The treadmill says I burn about 1100 calories or so but I be less. Although I NEVER hold the rail or hold anything. I have researched and it cuts the calories burned in half, hurts the machine and can hurt your back to hold on.

And I have not and do not plan on missing a single day.

What a wonderful obsession!

My weight is not moving as fast as it used to but I am over sixty pounds lost and still moving in the good direction. I never want to be heavy again.

Still eating plenty of apples and drinking plenty of water. A few bad foods here and their but what the heck, I am working hard here.

Good times!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Running and Biking Through it All

Stag Parties, Regents grading, Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings, Receptions, Honeymoons...and I exercised each and every day through it all.

All of that happened in the past few weeks and I never missed a day. I am running 8:40 miles for 5 mile runs each day or an hour on the bike on 10 resistance.

I ran the morning of my wedding, I biked the night after in a Boston Park Plaza Hotel Fitness room, I ran the streets of Boston- Newberry/Commonwealth/Berkeley/etc and saw Fenway last Sunday morning. The next day I ran along the road on the ocean in Hyannis in Cape Cod. Did that Tuesday too!

I have not missed a day. Eaten like a pig through some of this but still working hard.

I have even lost a little weight through all of this madness.

5K to work for in Camillus, NY on September 19. I need a 10K though.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weight Loss and Double Sessions

Well I am still eating relatively healthy, plenty of fruit and vegetables and some cereal and skim milk, salads, low fat cheese, and sometimes chips and salsa and whatnot.

I have lost just over fifty pounds!

The double sessions a few times a week help.

I have 3 ways of getting cardio:
-Running outside (my favorite but man the shin still beyond kills me)
-Walking on the highest incline on the treadmill
-Riding the stationary bike at the YMCA

All burn about the same calories because of the time I spend on each, 600-900 or so. Some days I do two.

Yesterday I biked for 58 minutes at 600 calories burned in the afternoon and ran 3.8 miles in 34 minutes in the night. That was a good day.

Today I just ran 4 miles.

Tomorrow I hope I can push for a double session.

One more pound to lose and I am the top of the normal scale for BMI! No longer obese or even overweight. Mind you the very top for a "large" frame so probably I need to drop more.

If, with the crap I am certain to eat for the wedding and on vacation, I keep working out and make a good push after- I am certain I can shave 10-15 more off by Labor Day. That would be Memorial Day to Labor Day 60-65 pounds. 240 to 190 to ___? 175?

Oh, I have been working with the nautilus too. That should help get some arm/chest/shoulder muscle definition.

I am really liking this. Minus missing the cookies and pizza!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Healthy and Plenty to Update

Well it has been two months and I have gone through many changes. I want to just clear up any misconceptions that I keep hearing. I am not doing this for my wedding, although that helps motivate me. I am exercising and eating the right way for me. I have abused my body for many years and now that has changed. It is not a temporary thing, it is permanent. I plan on exercising forever. I don't drink or smoke and I am trying to be healthy in every way.

I would love to get to a weight where I can eat all of what I want to as well. Until then I am eating 90% healthy. When I reach one of my weight goals, which is different than what I originally shot for, I will blog on it. It should happen soon. I have recently started working with weights as well.

A few updates at the two month mark:

My blood pressure my entire adult life ranged from 140/90 to 120/75.
It now ranges from 120/75 to 100/65

My resting heart rate used to be around 90, no lie. It is now ranging from 58-70.

I can't wait to see what my cholesterol is.

And like I said, I will tell you my weight in the next week or two.

Well, the shin/calf muscle on my right leg have not healed. I may have to go to a doctor or something. No worse with rest but no better.

Wednesday I cycled on the stationary bike for 40 minutes.
Thursday I cycled on the stationary bike for 45 minutes.
Friday I cycled on the stationary bike for about 48 minutes.

Pedal hard for 10 seconds, as hard as you can. Then regular speed for 50. Do it again. The entire time.

I read that one.

Yesterday I took a spinning class with Joanna. It was tough because I am not used to standing up on the bike. It was an hour and I did some major sweating but I did not always listen to the woman. My butt is still killing me but a little better I think. Then I went back to the YMCA and rode for another 35 and they threw me out. I thought that they were joking but they close on Saturdays at 3 PM and all day Sunday! Are you kidding me? For 34 bucks a month that is a joke. Plus 30 bucks a month to park there! Closed on Sundays?

Oh well, today I ran 3.1 in 29 with a slight gimp. Damn the right leg pain!

My guilt then led me to an afternoon on the treadmill. I walked with the incline on the ten max, fluctuating the speed. I did it for 50+ minutes and burned 903 calories, so they say. I feel like I burn more on the bike but that is like a third less. I do not buy it.

Nevertheless a productive week. Getting there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YMCA Member Again!

Well, I joined the YMCA again. Another 30 dollars a month but this time I plan to actually use the facilities. You would think that with my grandpa being the director there from the 1940's to the 1970's I would get a free lifetime membership or something...kidding.

Anyway, the reason is that my left shin and calf are still killing me. Yesterday I ran 2 miles and ouch. I have been limping. Perhaps a stress fracture? So I joined the Y.

I swam for about 4 laps and that is out. I am not a swimmer.

I then biked for about 20 minutes and did a ton of sweating. It killed my thighs but my lower leg problems were fine. I went back tonight and biked more at an easy resistance very quickly for 35 minutes more. I liked it. So there is a chance that in between runs and when my shins need resting that I have the biking option. I also want to use their weights. Mind as well do it all the way, right?

Next blog I will give a weight loss update. Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


26:49, or something like that in the Fillmore 5K in Moravia, NY. Best I have ever done but there certainly is room for improvement. 8:35 minute miles approx., which is again, my best ever.

The run was scary but fun. People were passing me in the beginning but I had to keep my pace. I finished the first mile around 8, but some dude said 7:45 at one point. Come to find out he was not exactly at the first mile.

I felt strong but nervous throughout the race.

It ended with a huge hill and then a 100 yard dash. I wanted to puke after the hill because people were cheering as I went up it. Ugh! Nonetheless I finish and was pleased.

Of course Joanna did very well. Her first race ever at 23:15, she won the 22-30 age range!

I can't wait to run another race.

Oh, this morning, we ran 6.4 miles at a very slow pace (my decision) in about an hour and seven minutes. I ate 4 baked potato skins with some cheddar cheese and that needed to be worked off!

All in all a productive running weekend! The shins and calf muscles were cramped the entire way today though. Oh well, no pain no gain, right?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tomorrow We Race

Tomorrow is the Fillmore 5K, a real race. It's fun because it gives me something to shoot for and think about. That said, losing weight is more the goal than competitive racing, but nonetheless here we go.

This Tuesday and Wednesday I ran 5K (3.1) runs and timed them out. The first alone and second with Joanna. The times were 27.55 and 27.35. This means that I am running an 8:45 mile pace which is significantly better than the 11 minute mile pace I was doing a month ago.

Yesterday I played 7 games of one on one hoops and broke a better sweat than even the runs so I am pleased with the effort. I will give you a weight loss update soon.

Today, no running except for errands. Perhaps some non-choreographed walking and that is it.

Tomorrow, we race. Pacing scares me, I do not want to come out too fast or too slow. Honestly, anything under 28 and I will be pleased. I will not even be disappointed in under 30, because I have no idea what to expect and anything could happen.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Race Time Almost Here, Ugh

With the 5K Saturday I hope my shin/knees/calf muscles hold up. Man, my lungs and endurance are ready!

I took a rest last Wednesday and here is my last few days of running:

Thursday: 2 miles in 18 minutes, fast for me. Shins killing me!

Friday: 3.1- a 5K in 28:45...I'll take it. I also got another pair of sneakers at Fleet Feet. Man, on camera I run like an idiot!

Saturday: 6 miles in 66 minutes. Not bad for the distance. And a long walk that evening.

Sunday: 3.1 in 27:50, now we are talking. Shins hurt again though. New shoes old problems.

Today: Came home from school and ran in the sun, 4.6 in 50 minutes. Calf on the right side cramped up in the second mile. Ran thru it. Hurt the whole way. The left knee then started hurting at the top near the 3 mile mark. Ugh!

As far as food with the exception of some Olive Garden once, too many crackers once, a cookie, and potato salad Saturday night, I am golden.

Fruit/light cheese/beans/carrots/salad/hummus/wheat bread/sugar free pudding/cereal/skim milk/yogurt/and a little cheating here and there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Darn Shins!

The shins, particularly the right one now, are keeping me from an increase in mileage. The end of my run today was because of a sharp pain on the right shin. Ouch! I hobbled home and just iced.

Nevertheless, I am still running and bettering my times:

Sunday: 4 miles in 41 minutes
Monday: 3.6 miles in 36:30
Tuesday: 3.7 miles in 35 minutes

Perhaps a rest day for my shins soon, we will see.

Until then...I battle on!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

6.7 MILES! Holy Crap!

Yepper, 6.7 miles in 77 minutes. I know, a very slow pace but all things considered, how exciting? I felt like freaking Forrest Gump! This was Thursday morning. My longest continuous run ever. I like distance better than I ever dreamed.

Yesterday, I ran 1.4 miles at Joanna's pace of 11:30! That is a freaking 7:45 mile, a sprint. She is nuts. I walked the next .6 and finished the 2 miler faster than I normally run it at- with .6 walking! Ha ha ha! We also walked to and from the Fireworks at our lake for an extra couple miles of walk.

Today, Happy 4th. In preparation for our 5K race (3.1 miles) in two weeks we mapped out a 5K course and ran it today. Joanna promised she would set a pace that was good for me. I am typically running 10:30-10:50 miles or more in distances over 3, so I was uncertain as to how it would work.

Well, we ran the 5K in 29:05. It was really windy, I ran some on grass, and still 9:23 mile pace for 3.1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is progress- I increased my pace by a full minute a mile! My goal for the 5K is under 28:00 and it might be do-able!

What a productive 3 days!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Frantic 2 Mile Pace

Well, frantic for me. I ran at Joanna's pace for 1.4 miles and finished out the two miler at 17 minutes yesterday...that is 8:30 a mile. I am running 10:30 usually so that was loony!

I then felt guilty for only running 2 miles and got 8 friends to play basketball on my low rim, moved to the park across the street from my house. We played for 2 hours and I was less winded than everyone else, at least it seemed. Seriously though, it felt good.

Today I ran 4.9 miles with a full sprint for the last .1 in 54:30. Slow but I was feeling some lower leg and back pain and I kept my pacing in check. It did allow for the burst at the end.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, I ran 5 miles at 8 AM this morning. Actually, about 4.95 in 53 minutes. It was hilly (mostly up it seemed) and a new route from Metcalf to South to Silver to Sand Beach to Lake Ave. and back, then down Kearney and back. Wow! I am psyched, I hope I can continue this distance and stay healthy.

Oh, and yesterday I ran 4.25 in 45 and a half.

This is getting crazy.

I can feel the potential of planter facitious (sp.?) coming back though, like ten years ago. Uh oh.

Wow, 5 miles!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Rest Day Really Did Work!

So I took a rest day. I have a little sprain on the ligament that connects the left calf and left hammy on the left side. So I rested it for Thursday after a unsuccessful Wednesday run of 2 or so miles...again!

It hurt terribly Wednesday night and all day Thursday. Friday morning (this morning) it was back to about 90%. It was cool and drizzly and I thought, perfect time to run. I favored the ligament the entire run by keep my strides much slower and avoiding the huge declines and inclines.

When I finished, I ran 4.25 miles in 46 minutes. S L O W...but my longest run yet! And to tell you the truth I could have run longer-at least my brain and lungs though so. My muscles and ligaments were another story, I thought I should rest them a bit!

Oh, and no music. It is better without I think- SOMEHOW.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Suck, I Really Do

Do I have a bug? Am I just fatigued? Is it the music? Is the music added to the run hurting me and not helping me? Is it a mental block? Have I hit a plateau? I am still out there each day but I am quitting on myself, 3 straight days after my fantastic run on Sunday.

Monday I quit then ran more later. Yesterday I felt sick to my stomach after 2 and change and today I ran 2 miles in the extreme heat and quit on myself, walked the last one mile. Ugh. Granted, my Achilles, my shins, my calves, my left hammy, my groin, my feet and my right heal hurt but I need to get tougher.

When I finished my run-walk I mowed half of my lawn. Later I am going to go out again or fast walk on the treadmill on the high incline. I need to do something because I am losing the edge.

Next run no music, like the old times. I have to do something!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Extra Burst!?

I felt guilty about the abbreviated run so I went to the track at the local high school and timed some splits. Twice around in 3:57 and 4:12. So together an eight minute mile.

Hmmmm, maybe there is hope to increase speed.

So in total 3.2 for the day or so.

And a twenty minute walk with Joanna after my big mostly vinegar and spices salad and sugar free 60 calorie chocolate pudding and five pretzel dinner.

All in all yesterday was a productive day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Wussy

Even with Eminem's Lose Yourself repeating I chickened out on South Street at about the 2.2 mile mark. It was hot and windy. I guess today can be my rest day since I never plan on one of those again.


I walked 1.2 after as well. Better than nothing I suppose. What to eat for dinner though?

22 pounds lost in 30 days though, I weighed in at school! I also ate potato chips after though, ouch!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The BEST Run Ever

4.1 Miles. 42 or so minutes. I even kind of sprinted the last 200 yards. Crazy. Man did it feel good. Sunday morning and Joanna running too help. Although she lost me after about a half mile.

I ate a plate and a quarter of bad food at the Springside Inn for Father's Day brunch. It was a "sacrifice" for my dad. The waiter took my second plate while I was in the bathroom or it would have been 2 plates.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 28 and Rainy

I ran in the pouring rain. That was a mistake. The water in my sneakers made it feel like I was lifting bricks. The music sure helped though. It was my first music run. What a difference! 3.3 miles.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night Run

3.5 miles and I am pleased. The shins feel a little better.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry, Busy Week

I had my Regents on Tuesday and graded Wednesday, busy week.

Here is what I did:

Monday, 2.6 miles
Tuesday, 3 miles
Wednesday, I burned 855 calories on the treadmill mostly incline walking at "10" for an hour.
Thursday, 3 miles

Still running about ten minute miles.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nice Weekend of Running

I am over the 3 mile plateau, woo-hoo! Sunday morning run of 3 miles. Saturday 2.6 in the rain too. Man, I am struggling to run at a faster pace though. Over 10 minute miles. Granted, I am still on the grass at times, but still.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Running Week! Losing Some Weight

Well, here is the catch up for some missed time blogging.

I am still eating well and my shins and calf muscles are a little better with the ice, extra stretching, Aleve, and grass running starts.

This week I did the 2 mile or so thing consistently.

I HAVE LOST ABOUT 16 POUNDS TOTAL! My goal is 45 in all. 29 to go!

Here was the tally:

Sunday morning, 2.1 miles
Monday, 1.9 miles
Tuesday, 2.1 miles
Wednesday, award ceremony at school and tired.
Thursday, a 2.1 morning run. It felt great at 5 AM!
Friday night, another 2.1

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sarah Palin Here and I Still Run

I have lost 12 pounds total, another four this week!

Sorry I did not keep up with the journal but busy running and eating healthy, although I did have pizza slices once.

I ran each day of the week for about 1.5 or so, except Friday night where I walked 3 or so. Saturday morning I ran hard and then want to see Sarah Palin speak here in Auburn with dad. Later the "Taste of Syracuse" with Joanna but that stunk. I did eat some bad food yesterday though.

2 miler today though! Progress!

Mostly in the one mile- one and a half all week.

SHIN SPLINTS KILLING ME! Here is the advice at school from the runners:

ice, extra stretching, Aleve, and grass running starts.

I will try.